Our Mission & Vision

Artists Inspiring the Raindrops partners with non-profit organizations to generate funds through the sale of donated art to raise awareness and support for each world issue our partnering organizations address.

Our dream is to make the world a better place for every living thing. We want to support the art world by creating a community of working artists who believe there is a way for their voices to be heard. We are a group of artists who care about other people, wildlife and the environment. We will use our art to raise awareness about the issues in the world today and provide funds to our partner organizations who are working towards a better world.



We are using raindrops as a metaphor for creating change in the world. When it rains, the world becomes saturated in color and beauty. Rain creates growth and new life. It represents changes and new beginnings; we want to create raindrop ripples around the world using artwork and awareness to make the world a more beautiful place.